The Atelier Gespräche constitute a public programme for cultural education and were founded in 2010 at the University of Salzburg in collaboration with cultural institutions. With over 80 events and 350 artists, cultural practitioners, researchers and representatives from the media and public life, they have gained a unique place in Salzburg’s cultural and academic life. The Atelier Gespräche take place six times per semester and explore in different formats current productions, festivals, exhibitions and cultural events. Bringing together high-profile research, first-hand cultural practice and creative processes, they evolve innovative cultural knowledge. The Atelier Gespräche are included in the programmes of many cultural institutions and form part of the study programme TATORT Kultur, offering students from all faculties as well as students from abroad cultural education by world-class artists and cultural practitioners.

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Die Atelier Gespräche werden seit dem Sommersemester 2011 von UniTV aufgezeichnet und können unter www.uniTV.orgnachgesehen werden.


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