Sabine Coelsch-Foisner



How do artists go about their work? How are stage performances, exhibitions, festivals mounted? What creative, curatorial and managerial processes are involved in theatre productions, concerts, art events? How do actors, stage- and costume designers, conductors, choreographers and dancers, actors, musicians and singers interpret works, and what do composers, authors and visual artists, curators and cultural managers think, how do they reflect art?  

TATORT Kultur is a trans-disciplinary evening lecture which brings together researchers and artists from a wide range of disciplines. Based on topical cultural events, this course offers students from all faculties insight into both creative processes and practical work. Backstage experience and visits to cultural institutions form an integral part of this course. Salzburg provides an ideal setting to explore art and cultural sites from both academic and practical perspectives. Issues discussed range from thematic and generic aspects via the socio-cultural, political contexts of art and art production to questions of aesthetic practice.

It is recommended that students attend all sessions. However, as the schedule is arranged in collaboration with Salzburg and international cultural institutions and follows the cultural calendar, the times of individual sessions may occasionally vary. The schedule will be announced at the beginning of the course, sessions are held in the Leopold-Kohr-Lecture Hall as well as at the respective cultural institutions.


The aim of this course is to offer students practical insight into culture and cultural processes and enhance their knowledge about works of art and cultural infrastructures. It also aims at widening students’ understanding of the variety of cultural productions and traditions.

Language German/English (depending on the artists and cultural pracitioners taking part in the sessions) 




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